Tractor at Westpin Vineyard at night

Our Story

At Twomey, we combine a sense of exploration with leading-edge technologies to farm unique and expressive vineyards from California to Oregon.

Rooted in Place

Twomey was founded 20 years ago by the Duncan Family of Silver Oak to make dynamic, vineyard-focused wines.

Over the years, our passion for Pinot Noir opened exciting new doors to cool climate vineyard opportunities. With each vineyard, our goal is always to craft wines that reflect a delicate balance among a vineyard’s unique micro-climate, soil profile and the human hand—all while capturing the classic character of their respective growing regions.

Family, Friends and Food

Wine should be delicious—plain and simple. Great wines make us want to take another sip.

Our winemaking team balances perfectly ripe fruit with crisp, mouthwatering acidity at moderate alcohol levels. These are the kind of wines we enjoy at our dinner table with family, friends and food. The kind of wines that make us want to finish the last sip.

Family of Silver Oak

“We have yet to make our best bottle of wine”—or the notion that our best wines are still ahead of us—has been our guiding mantra at Silver Oak for more than 45 years.

At Twomey, we share this philosophy as well as mutual values of exploration, sustainable farming and technology—and above all, continuous improvement.

Sustainable Twomey

Farming with long-term respect for the environment plays a critical role in fruit character and quality.

We embrace technologies, materials and practices that improve fruit quality and minimize resource use, with a specific focus on water and energy consumption.

With wines focused on capturing the essence of place, our farming techniques focus on proven methods—from advanced water conservation technologies to the use of cover crops, fish-friendly farming and integrated pest management—that protect the land for future generations.