Location: Napa Valley, California

Soda Canyon Ranch Vineyard 

Located in the benchlands of the Vaca Mountains of Napa Valley, Soda Canyon Ranch Vineyard is the exclusive vineyard source of our Twomey Merlot.

Planted to the five classic Bordeaux varieties—including French Merlot clones selected for their low yields of small, intensely flavored berries—the ranch is situated up on the first bench off the Napa Valley floor with a hilly terrain that offers the closely-spaced vine rows various sun exposures. The well-drained volcanic soils feature softball- and watermelon-size rocks mixed with gravel. With a mild climate tempered by cool breezes and morning fog, Merlot grapes ripen slowly here, developing rich black-fruit character and extraordinary complexity.

Napa Valley AVA

The Napa Valley AVA is California’s most renowned AVA—and its first. It’s nestled between the Mayacamas Mountain Range to the west and north (which also define and separate Napa Valley from Sonoma Valley) and the Vaca Mountains to the east.

Microclimates vary from the valley floor to its benchlands and from the south to the north. Rain is more common along the Mayacamas in the west, whereas the eastern side is more arid with gravelly soil. In the valley, the south tends to be cooler than the north, thanks to the cooling effect of the San Pablo Bay.

Site and Farming


149 feet



Total Acreage

110 acres

Slope and Soil

Deep, cobbly, volcanic soils


Fog: Morning fog

Temperature: Extreme warmth moderated by the cooling San Pablo Bay

Wind: Cool breezes


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