Location: Sonoma Coast, California

Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir

The newest single vineyard bottling is from the storied Hirsch Vineyard located three miles from the Pacific Ocean. Wines from this unique site have a wild and intense profile that leads to a beautifully complex and structured expression of Pinot Noir.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean is the Western Ridge, from which we are fortunate to work with two blocks. Block 11 sits at the northern most corner of the ranch and the steep Block 16-3 on the opposite end. The two blocks combine to produce a concentrated, structured, and tightly wound expression of the site.

Wine Details

Barrel Aging

14 months in barrel


100% French oak

First Vintage


Wine Characteristics

This distinctive coastal site showcases the savory and structured side of Pinot Noir. Often defined by its ample tannin structure, energy and complex aromatics, Hirsch Vineyard produces a recognizable wine where a dark fruit profile compliments the nervy, powerful and spice-driven structure.

Ways to Taste Our Wines