Location: Anderson Valley, California

Monument Tree Vineyard Pinot Noir

Monument Tree Vineyard is one of those exceptional Pinot Noir sites that you understand the moment you walk the rows. Standing under the towering, lightening-struck tree at the top of the property, you are in the heart of the Deep End of the Anderson Valley.

We sourced fruit from Monument Tree Vineyard for Twomey Anderson Valley Pinot Noir beginning in 2008. A couple years later, in 2010, we acquired the site and then started a single vineyard bottling in 2012.

Wine Details

Barrel Aging

17-18 months in barrel


100% French oak


Enjoy for up to seven years with proper cellaring

First Vintage


Wine Characteristics

Vintage after vintage, Monument Tree Vineyard Pinot Noir shows its characteristic spice and woodsy aromas. There’s a strong forest-floor character that evokes the shredded bark of its namesake tree. The palate always shows strong depth, concentration and energy with layers of fruit, tannin and freshness all complementing one another.

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