Location: Anderson Valley, California

Monument Tree Vineyard

Named for an imposing, lightning-struck redwood that overlooks its hillside rows, Monument Tree is located at the northwest end of Anderson Valley in Mendocino County.

The vineyard’s northeastern exposure gives it plenty of sunshine in the mornings but also keeps it cool through the afternoons. Planted to a selection of Dijon clones on decomposed sandstone loam soils, Monument Tree Vineyard is the ultimate low-vigor, slow-ripening vineyard.

Anderson Valley AVA

The Anderson Valley AVA is carved into the west side of Mendocino County, a small narrow valley with steep hillside slopes that can reach up to 2,000 feet on either side.

This coastal area receives double the rainfall that Sonoma County typically experiences in a year, and its low-fertility soils produce grapes known for an intense yet delicate flavor profile. The cool air and fog which funnel into the region from the Pacific Ocean are ideal for allowing Pinot Noir grapes to ripen slowly, helping to keep acid development in balance with sugar and flavor formation.

Site and Farming


295 feet


Northeast. Plenty of sunshine in the morning but cool in the afternoon

Total Acreage

17 acres

Slope and Soil

Decomposed sandstone fine loam. Some shale and sedimentary rock throughout


Fog: Cooler maritime conditions create lower temps due to fog and wind

Temperature: Located in the western, cooler “deep end” of the Anderson Valley

Wind: Good protection from strong winds funneling in

Grower Information

Monument Tree Vineyard became our first fully owned and maintained Pinot estate vineyard in 2010


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