Location: Russian River Valley, California

Healdsburg Estate Vineyard 

Sweeping southward from our tasting room, the Twomey Healdsburg Estate Vineyard lies at the northern end of Russian River Valley.

Somewhat upriver from coastal influences, this slightly warmer site has less fog and more sunshine during the growing season—ideal for heat-seeking Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes we grow on this site make a wine that is round, soft and filled with tropical fruit notes that complement the crisp, mineral notes from our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc vineyards.

Russian River Valley AVA

Widely known for its intense and elegant Pinot Noirs, the Russian River Valley AVA is characterized by the cooling fog which ebbs and flows daily during the growing season, dropping temperatures as low as 40°F from daytime highs.

This flow of cool air—a natural air conditioning—allows grapes to develop deep, richly fruited flavors while maintaining crops acidity over an extended growing season. The regions sandy alluvial soils also force vines to lay down deep roots, resulting in grapes that are dark and concentrated.

Site and Farming


82-97 feet



Total Acreage

11 acres

Slope and Soil

Silty, wet, gravelly loam soils with approximately two percent average slope


Fog: Morning fog

Temperature: Slightly warmer than sites more south along the Russian River


Wine From This Vineyard

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