Location: Russian River Valley, California

Last Stop Vineyard

Our vineyard, Last Stop, is located in the heart of the tiny hamlet of Forestville, where the AVAs of Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast and Green Valley overlap.

The vineyard is named after the “last stop” on a former rail line that ran from San Francisco to Forestville in the early 1900s. The site features oak-studded, rolling hills covered in Goldridge soil and warm afternoons with cold nights and mornings.

Fruit from Last Stop has been blended into our Russian River Valley Pinot Noir since 2007. It became a fully owned and maintained estate vineyard in 2015. Last Stop is simply an outstanding site for Pinot Noir. Today, we are proud to be the stewards of this unique vineyard.

Russian River Valley AVA

Widely known for intense and elegant Pinot Noirs, the Russian River Valley AVA is characterized by the cooling fog which ebbs and flows daily during the growing season, dropping temperatures as low as 40°F from daytime highs.

This flow of cool air—a natural air conditioning—allows grapes to develop deep, richly fruited flavors while maintaining crops acidity over an extended growing season. The regions sandy alluvial soils also force vines to lay down deep roots, resulting in grapes that are dark and concentrated.

Site and Farming


250 feet


Mainly south with east and west tendencies.

Total Acreage

64 acres

Slope and Soil

100 percent Goldridge soil, a fine, well-draining sandy loam prized for high quality wine grapes


Fog: Cooler waters from the sea at the mouth of the Russian River create intense fog that ebbs and flows through the valley

Temperature: Warm afternoons and cool mornings and nights

Wind: A small hill provides protection from incoming winds

Rain: Average winter rainfall of 30 inches


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